The History of Perry Street Lofts


Many have seen the new blockbuster movie, Lincoln.  What you may not know is that a great portion of this movie was filmed just blocks from Perry Street Lofts!  Petersburg played a huge part in the true history of this country.  The Perry Street Lofts building played its own part.

The origin of the 3 block radius now known as Perry Street Lofts and The Cameron Lofts traces to the Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation beginning in 1879 and spans through 1962.  From the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Historic Nation Register: “Located just South of the city’s historic core, the district contains both industrial and commercial buildings that housed some of Petersburg’s most important industries and businesses: tobacco, wholesale grocery, confectioner and automobile related stores.  These businesses represent Petersburg’s historic significance as a commercial and industrial center and reflect the evolution of the basis of the city’s transportation system from the railroad to the automobile…Brown and Williamson was the major private sector employer and chief taxpayer in Petersburg when it closed in 1985.”

 With some of the original red brick still standing, the original main entry storefront along Perry St. and some later additions, today the building has been transformed into lavish apartment homes where  residents can enjoy all the history and modern conveniences that Petersburg has to offer!